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I moved to Boise, Idaho, with my family in 2007.  Coming from a life filled with the “city”, lights, sounds and non-stop life, also known as Singapore, it has been a challenge adjusting to life here.  My kids have filled my moments with activities and sound, lots of sound, but if not for them, I may now be deaf from the silence.

There are days I crave for the city life and then there are days, I am most grateful for the beauty, nature and silence I am surrounded with.  But I think most of all, I am grateful for the kindness and warmth the folk of Boise have graced us with.  I’m glad that my kiddos are growing up here.  To them, Boise is home.  Big cities intrigue but also scare them.  Two years ago, my then 5-year old insisted a tall building was going to “fall” on her when we went to Vegas.

Despite enjoying and appreciating beautiful Boise, I have spent the last 7 years moaning, groaning and desiring the greener grass on the other side.  So now, I’ve decided that whether I end up living in Boise for the rest of my life or not, I need to take my shoes off, traipse through my own grass, roll in the dirt a little and discover all this state has to offer.

Join me on my journey.


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My journey……in Idaho and other places I travel to.

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