Exercise in Boise


IMG_5091I thought of not writing about exercise for E, but if you live in Boise, you can’t help but collide with various forms of activities that center around exercise.  Maybe it’s the lifestyle.  Maybe it’s the environment that provides natural resources to exercise.  Whatever the reason may be, Boise folk treat exercise as a way of life not as a treatment for a sickness or a pure means to vanity.

IMG_5092Saturday, 5 April 2014, saw Micron Technology organizing a fun adults and kids run.  We had our 7 year old take part in the kids 1 mile run.  It felt like a mini family day.  The kids had fun meeting some favourite characters and filling the basketball court with their signatures and art work.  What a beautiful day and way to enjoy the weather while instilling a feeling of belonging in this company.

IMG_5077The before race hulk pose

IMG_5076Meeting Teddy!

IMG_5089 The famous helicopter.



IMG_5082 One of my favourites!






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