Anything and everything Idaho so doesn’t Challenger count?  Late last year, we decided to enroll the 3-year old gremlin in Challenger.  One would have thought we were trying to pick out a college for her.  After much research and lengthy, very lengthy discussions, we settled on Challenger.

I have to admit, even though we want her to spend the few hours she is at school learning and getting used to socializing with peers her age, I was concerned that my poor 3 year old would spend her time there with her nose buried in books, sitting at desks all the time she was there.  But as it turns out, the school has far exceeded our hopes and expectations.  She is IN LOVE with this school.  The time spent there is productive and they are treated just the way they should be, like 3 year olds.  She has learnt so much.  And the best part, she doesn’t even realize that she is learning because a lot of the learning takes place through songs.  Brilliant!

And so, there you are!  My “C” for the day.  I have to add that I am NOT an employee of the school and I do NOT get any benefits whatsoever from writing this piece.  It’s just the first C word that came to my mind with relation to Boise.  I guess all that singing of the Challenger school song is getting into my head too.


One thought on “Challenger”

  1. One of my best friends sent her daughter to Challenger. It was amazing. She learned so much! She attended from age 3-7 when they moved out of state. They do amazing fun things with the kids there and they learn an inordinate amount for their ages. Very impressive school! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

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